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In my 25 years of coaching, I have worked with thousands of product professionals. Many reach out to me for career coaching — which honestly isn’t really my specialty. That said, I do have some strong opinions to share.

Quit your company

I’m not suggesting you actually quit your job. However, I encourage…

What should you measure? Focus on Today, Next, and Future.

It’s difficult to determine relevant metrics for product managers because the product management role is inconsistent from company to company.

There are actually three roles of product management: business strategy, technical planning, and growth tactics.

Growth tactics impact the products we have today — finding ways to sell more of…

ProductOps is a specialized role that normalizes the product function across all products and services.

When a company is small, the product manager (by whatever title) is responsible for activities across the entire product life cycle-from ideation to market delivery and sales support. In these organizations, the product role is that of a generalist.

As the product team expands, we see specialized roles emerge. Strategic…

What are the primary artifacts and activities for each role in your organization?

What one organization calls product management, another calls product marketing. For smaller companies, a product manager is often responsible for both product marketing and sales engineering. In larger companies, we start seeing specialized roles centered around business strategy, product release planning, and go-to-market/sales enablement.

In general, product management focuses on…

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