• Alice Karsevar

    Alice Karsevar

    Founder @ EasyTrustMaker.com | Artisanal vaporwave driver | Previously @ Twitch, IGN, Microsoft

  • JustAnother PM

    JustAnother PM

    #Purdue Computer Engineer, #ISB Alumnus, #MBA, Product Manager, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Amateur Blogger, Yearn to learn

  • Dave Fisher

    Dave Fisher

    Innovation consultant, like for intelligent laziness, unrelated to being a husband and servant to my two boys... Opinions are my own

  • kwadjo djaba

    kwadjo djaba

    Appreciates #marketing,#technology,#passion for #excellence,#love #music and #dance=rythmn of #life.

  • Capital One Labs

    Capital One Labs

    Redefining the way people interact with their money

  • Michael Binns

    Michael Binns

    Insurance Pro, Entrepreneur, Learner, Father, Husband, and Golfer with a Passion for Helping People and Building Relationships. http://bit.ly/BinnsInsurance

  • Wayne Greene

    Wayne Greene

    #prodmgmt and marketing exec/consultant on strategy/execution, author, coach, 41k miles cyclist

  • Lutfi Zuchri

    Lutfi Zuchri

    from wonderkid to legendary :D

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